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Keto For Women Show

Feb 23, 2018

What is intuitive eating and how can keto help you become intuitive with your food? Today, I’m going to talk about that and share my story of how I was able to achieve food freedom, and hopefully, help you become more intuitive, too, when it comes to food. Watch out for the special guest we have at the end of the...

Feb 16, 2018

Join me on the hot seat as I answer a variety of questions, both related and unrelated to keto, that I received from you guys via Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!


  • Why do some people still claim keto is detrimental to women’s hormone health despite all the research proving otherwise?
  • My thoughts on...

Feb 9, 2018

This episode is special because I talk about two of my most favorite topics — poop and keto. Learn how to tell whether your digestive system is working as it should, what could mess it up, and how being on keto affects it. I also give some tips on how to keep your digestive system in tip-top shape. Listen and...

Feb 2, 2018

Today, I bring you a fantastic interview with health care expert Dr. Trudi Deakin! She and I get the same questions all the time on topics about cholesterol, insulin, diabetes and types of fat. So today we’re going to answer those questions for you in a way that really makes a ton of sense. Enjoy!


What is...