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Keto For Women Show

Oct 18, 2019

I have created a brand new podcast! What is it about? Who is it for? And why have I created it? I answer all these questions and more as I give the Unstuck podcast its proper introduction.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What the Unstuck podcast is about
  • Why I started the new podcast
  • What you will learn from the podcast
  • Who the Unstuck podcast is for

Key Takeaways:

  • The Unstuck podcast is essentially a “mindset for women” podcast. It’s 100% about mindset.
  • Your mental and emotional health is an integral part of you becoming the healthiest, happiest person living their best life ever.
  • Until you do the work that you truly need to do on your mindset, you cannot get healthy. No matter how many diets you go on, no matter how clean the foods you eat are, no matter how many supplements you take or how many tests you run, you will still have an issue.
  • The Unstuck podcast is for YOU! It came to be because of YOU.


Action Steps:

  • Find the Unstuck podcast and hit the subscribe button.

Shawn said:

“I truly believe that I am meant to do bigger work than just keto. I actually now, in hindsight, realize that me getting into the keto space when I did… was really just leading me to this the entire time.”

“I just want to give you real-life tools and tips that you can use in your life right now to start changing things, to start becoming healthier emotionally and mentally and spiritually.”


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