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Keto For Women Show

Oct 13, 2017

I get questions about supplements all the time from ladies in the keto community, so I am taking the whole episode today to talk about the supplements I think women should and shouldn't take.  We're talking general health, keto-specific, hormones, sleep support, all of it!  Plus, you can get a downloadable PDF with all of my specific recommendations.


  • The two no-brainer supplements all keto people should take
  • Why I don't love multivitamins and what you can take instead
  • Are probiotics necessary?
  • Fish oil: yay or nay?
  • My favorite way to support the adrenals
  • What to take for low progesterone
  • How supplemental support can help those with PCOS
  • What to do when you have trouble sleeping
  • How to find supplement brands you trust