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Keto For Women Show

Mar 30, 2018

Welcome to our third Keto Hot Seat episode! We’ll be rounding out the last of the questions many of you sent over through Instagram, so stay tuned and get ready for some awesome Q&A!


  • Using keto to address chronic viral issues
  • The beauty of the ketogenic diet: having the power to figure out what works for you

Mar 23, 2018

Are you excited to hear the breakdown of my recent travel and the conferences I’ve been to? Well, as promised, in this episode you will hear all about it! Plus, I will share my learnings and takeaways from the speakers I listened to. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!


  • The idea of bio-individuality and...

Mar 16, 2018

Welcome to another episode that’s packed with really great information not only for moms-to-be but for all ladies out there! Today, I am joined by Lily Nichols who is a real food dietician and the best-selling author of Real Food for Gestational Diabetes. Enjoy!
  • How did Lily transition into the real food...

Mar 9, 2018

Welcome to another Keto Hot Seat episode! Today, we will have round two of answering all those great questions you guys sent me, not only about keto but about anything that has to do with women’s health. It’s going to be a fun Q&A so I hope you guys enjoy it!


  • Exogenous ketone use
  • Some non-dairy ideas for...

Mar 2, 2018

In today’s episode, we’re going to tackle a topic that I find absolutely fascinating and something that I think we all really need to pay more attention to. Our special guest Miriam Kalamian will help us get the knowledge we need under our belts. And whether or not cancer will be something that will affect us down...